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Gay Travel-Related Ads: From Head Scratching to Heartwarming

Travel ads can come in many different packages. Sometimes they’re so awful you want to curl up and die, other times they’re so sweet your blood sugar level rises dangerously high, and sometimes they’re simply wonderful.

Here are five gay-inclusive travel ads that caught our attention–some for very different reasons than others.

Gay Travel Ad 1) Olivia Cruises: Making Connections That Last a Lifetime

Commercials that tell stories are often the most powerful and this Olivia commercial manages     to put a personal face to the wonderful experiences their cruises can bring.

Gay Travel Ad 2) Philadelphia: Get Your History Straight and Your Nightlife Gay

Let no one say Philadelphia‘s not forward thinking. Here they’re apparently selling time travel. This puzzled us no end, but we like quill pens. Quill pens are cool.

Gay Travel Ad 3) Kindle: For Him and Her, or Him and Him

We know many of our Tripsters are big readers. There are a lot of tablets around that make reading at the beach a pleasure but Amazon and its Kindle brand has, unsurprisingly, really pushed to corner that market.

In so doing they created the following smile-inducing ad that taps the marriage equality issue without sounding exploitative or forced:

Gay Travel Ad 4) The Sea Never Looked So Buff 

Of course you’ve heard of aussieBum, the internationally acclaimed underwear brand. By virtue    of the company’s swimwear collection many of their ads manage a loose travel theme. This  might be a bit of a stretch (pun intended) but enjoy:


Why no trans-inclusive ads, we hear you ask.

Put simply, and sadly, there weren’t any we felt portrayed our trans brothers and sisters in a way they should be seen, so here’s the deal:

–If you know of any trans travel ads that are good let us know in the comments!

–And, stay tuned for a separate post featuring the best personal travel logs from trans-vloggers across the Net.

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